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Arif Kitchen


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Arif Kitchen Location

  • Takeaway
  • Reservation Recommended

Arif Kitchen is located at Dynaton Bukit Angin, 61 & 63, Jalan Dagang 1 Temerloh Pahang. This is a Restaurant restaurant near the Temerloh.The average price range at Arif Kitchen is around $$,and the opening hours are 12:00 - 23:00.Arif Kitchen is a well-known gourmet restaurant in the Temerloh area. There are different kinds of food in Arif Kitchen that are worth trying. If you have any questions,please contact +60139802040.

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Arif Kitchen Reviews


10 Reviews

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  • Dimas Suryadiyanto


    star provided for cleanliness, spacious. Service a little slow, price not worthwhile for meals given, a little pricey evaluate to other areas nearby. will come once again if they ready to improve.

  • Vita Clarabelle


    Restoren sangat bersih,kemas dan sedap mata memandang. pelbagai menus masakan terdapat di sini.masakannya pun sedap-sedap.

  • Santi Maharani


    Servis lambat

  • Shannon W


    Sedap sgat2..harga pun okay..Dan sgt brpuas hati..tq chef yg masak trbaikkkk boss ku

  • Annisa Al-Hadi


    Kedai babi mahal personnel x efisien langsong lambat hantar siap salah hantar purchase jgn dtg sini

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Arif Kitchen Menu

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