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Yamagoya Ramen


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Yamagoya Ramen Location

Yamagoya Ramen is located at SetiaWalk Persiaran Wawasan, Puchong Malaysia. This is a Japanese restaurant near the Puchong.The average price range at Yamagoya Ramen is around $$,and the opening hours are 8:00 - 18:00.Yamagoya Ramen is a well-known gourmet restaurant in the Puchong area. There are different kinds of food in Yamagoya Ramen that are worth trying. If you have any questions,please contact .

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Yamagoya Ramen Reviews


2 Reviews

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  • Ernawati


    The only plus side to this restaurant is its environment, it offers you the feel of a Japanese style restaurant. The menu offers great bargain for a collection meal. The meals is however not great. The ramen soup is quite blend, similar to aninstant noodle soup bottom that is somewhat disappointing in the event that you intend to possess a great ramen soup. The tamago egg had been furthermore a bit disappointing. Additional info, they offer curtains to split up each table, giving 1 the choice of privacy if required.

  • Thesadsoul


    Generally Japanese ramen is as well salty for my taste but this shop got the seasoning right. Nevertheless, I realized too early where they lost control. Their gyozas were quite salty. When dipped with the vinegar supplied, it had been almost unedible. Steer clear of the gyozasin the next trip.

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