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Lian Pang Kopitam


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Lian Pang Kopitam Location

Lian Pang Kopitam is located at Pengkalan Rama, Melaka Malaysia. This is a Malaysia restaurant near the Melaka.The average price range at Lian Pang Kopitam is around $$,and the opening hours are 8:00 - 18:00.Lian Pang Kopitam is a well-known gourmet restaurant in the Melaka area. There are different kinds of food in Lian Pang Kopitam that are worth trying. If you have any questions,please contact .

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Lian Pang Kopitam Reviews


2 Reviews

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  • Muhammad Addnan


    We came here for breakfast and had the laksa (5 ringgit), the mee hun kuey (5 ringgit and the 3 layer espresso (3 ringgit). The laksa was really spicy and full filled with flavour. The mee hun kuey reminded us of wonton soup and containedanchovies. Everything was quite delicious and satisfying. It’s not really the best foods that we’ve had nonetheless it was a good effort and great worth. We were likely to have the poultry rice balls but sadly they had already go out of the rice balls by enough time we obtained there (around 9:30am on a Sunday). There exists a similar design of eatery just over the road out of this place that people thought was a little better.

  • Dia Blues


    We'd the wantan mee, poultry rice golf ball, roti bakar,and espresso, it was simply delicious. We proceeded to go there because it had been near our resort, but worthwhile. I would definitely keep coming back again!!! Please try out this location, you wont be dissatisfied.

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