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bb.q Chicken Labuan


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bb.q Chicken Labuan Location

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bb.q Chicken Labuan is located at Paragon Labuan Lot G3A Bandar Labuan Labuan Federal Territory. This is a BBQ restaurant near the Labuan.The average price range at bb.q Chicken Labuan is around $$,and the opening hours are 11:00 - Chicken Labuan is a well-known gourmet restaurant in the Labuan area. There are different kinds of food in bb.q Chicken Labuan that are worth trying. If you have any questions,please contact +60136339378.

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bb.q Chicken Labuan Reviews


4 Reviews

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  • Alyssa S


    Ordered according to shown in the very first photo.Waiting almost 45mins regarding the youngsters meal where everybody else ordered afterwards than us got almost all their meals already. When questioned, their answer has been the meal becoming prepared and it can't be cancelled.The final item served may be the kids meal which just contain fries, few pcs of grilled chicken, 3 small rice balls and fruits?!Most of all, We asked the waitress if the food contain any kind of yogurt or even milk because my girl have got allergy and she said nope. However served with mayo along with the rice ball.

  • MeliCha InHere


    Very pleasant, courteous and efficient services. That they had menu and chair for waiting around, at the primary door so it’s actually convenient for takeaway. Poultry is tasty, pretty good.

  • Aliah


    Quite quick, ordered bulgogi and soy garlic poultry. Food is good aswell.

  • Juily


    1st period mkn d sini..General makanan mmg sedap..

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