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Duck King Express


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Duck King Express Location

Duck King Express is located at Food Court Level, Pavilion Mall Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur 55100 Malaysia. This is a Chinese restaurant near the Kuala Lumpur.The average price range at Duck King Express is around $$,and the opening hours are 8:00 - 18:00.Duck King Express is a well-known gourmet restaurant in the Kuala Lumpur area. There are different kinds of food in Duck King Express that are worth trying. If you have any questions,please contact +60 3-2144 6861.

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Duck King Express Reviews


7 Reviews

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  • Şinasi Korkut


    We went for lunch time on the sunday afternoon, we ordered the roast duck, crispy pork tummy, hainan rice plus some green veg meals. Overall, excellent quality meats, the rice was as well die for and the veg has been fresh and flawlessly cooked. The employees werevery helpful, filling our tea-cups frequently and serving the meals promptly. 119RM for lunch for just two 2 people with a lot of food- will certainly be back!

  • Esyalcin


    The roast duck, pork belly, soy chicken and bbq pork are excellent here, as will be the veggies and rice. The noodle meals are ok, but just a little bland for my flavor. The thing that stopped this place getting 5 stars is that isused to serve dim sum, which we used to want to match our roast & rice. Today they have stopped carrying out that, and I must say i hardly understand why! We had been very disappointed last time whenever we saw all those products crossed off the menus. But don't allow that deter you - roast meats are their forte, plus they do it much better than most in KL!

  • Melis Çebar


    We went yesterday from Jaya One inside PJ for a normal Peking duck food and we were told they do not work it in this manner anymore since 2 30 days, now forget about skin layers however the duck meats and skin pieces can be found in sad :(

  • Samet Aydın


    This little gem was situated outside Sungei Wang Plaza, we revisited in March 2013, nonetheless it wasn't there. Whenever we 1st arrived all we needed was Pork Belly. After that we discovered it in the Paviliion. We simply like the Roast Pork Tummy and Duck, staffwere therefore happy we returned. 5 stars if you want these dishes. Prices affordable as is most meals in KL.

  • Svlylcn28


    Its an excellent restaurant to be once you planing a trip to Malaysia. Its gets the best secret to help keep the costumers come.

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