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Morib Station


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Morib Station Location

Morib Station is located at Jln Morib Tongkah, Banting 42700 Malaysia. This is a Seafood restaurant near the Banting.The average price range at Morib Station is around $$,and the opening hours are 18:00 - 12:00.Morib Station is a well-known gourmet restaurant in the Banting area. There are different kinds of food in Morib Station that are worth trying. If you have any questions,please contact +60 17-692 3247.

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Morib Station Reviews


2 Reviews

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  • Mahmuda Islam


    No highway to attain there but for a rest i think it really is just right. No stores,no hactic and rushing jams, just have a straightforward feeling for relaxing. The beach is fairly close however the food area surely got to drive.

  • Berliana Megadewi


    We ordered for takeaway. We ordered buttermilk shellout, they're very generous making use of their seafood, a lot of clams, cockles,prawn, crab that their 2-person portion fed 4 adults well. Deliciously cooked and affordable. Will definitely bring my children to the place the next time we visitMorib.

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